Our Mission

We are guided by our mission to reduce poverty in Georgia by enabling more women and men, particularly those living in rural communities including youth, to generate sustainable incomes from their work and can influence policy decisions that impact on their lives and livelihoods.


In the framework of this mission:

» BRIDGE supports sustainable models of development for the country, and encourage their adoption by the government;

» With a specific focus on women, we support small holder farmers to be able to influence decisions that impact on them, so that policy making is informed by their evidence and perspectives;

» Support interest groups involved in agricultural production to increase the quality and quantity of their produce and access supply chains to exploit new markets;

» Participate in creation of Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Network that aims to open new opportunities for rural communities to develop sustainable ecotourism and preserve the cultural heritage and environment of the region.

» We support development of Agrojourmalist’s sector in Georgia with the commitment to ensure media sustainability and journalist’s capacity building that also refers to farmers’ and agriculture sector players’ awareness raising and education;

» We participate in community capacity building and mobilization activates and in introducing Innovation technologies to rural communities for strengthening local livelihoods and resilience;

» We protect vulnerable population by implementing humanitarian assistance projects when required

» We work to reduce the risks of negative impact of disasters and climate change on the livelihoods of vulnerable communities;

» We support legislative and regulatory changes enabling women to uphold their rights, improve their economic status, and become actively involved in processes and practices of democratic governance at local and national levels;

» We work in underinvested rural and urban areas in Georgia and carry out national level advocacy based on grass roots evidence.

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