Our History

BRIDGE– Innovation and Development is a fast growing non-governmental organisation operating in Georgia, driven by its vision of Georgia free of poverty and suffering.

Founded in 2015, BRIDGE is a spin-off legacy organisation of Oxfam and builds on Oxfam’s twenty two years working experience in Georgia. BRIDGE continues Oxfam’s endeavour to sustain grassroot connections and partnerships and supports agriculture and rural development in order to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth. 

BRIDGE benefits from Oxfam’s global and regional linkages, as well as from its knowledge hubs and toolkits for effective project implementation, and broader learning within the development sector.

BRIDGE also draws on Oxfam’s know-how, skills and experience in advocacy and policy oversight areas, in campaigns and influencing for pro-poor gender sensitive policies, with a strong emphasis on the bottom-to-up principle of policy development through capacitating, engaging and empowering local actors.

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